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The Many Benefits of Apigenin: Nature’s Cognitive Enhancer

A Comprehensive Guide to Neuroprotection, Mood Enhancement, and Brain Health Key Points: Apigenin is a very powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective yellow colored flavonoid found…

9 Ways to Increase Neuroplasticity: Your Brain’s Remarkable Ability to Change and Grow

Key Points: Neuroplasticity, or

What Are Brain Zaps? – 6 Best Supplements To Soothe Symptoms

What Are Brain Zaps? Brain zaps, also known as brain shivers, head tingles, or electric zaps, are sudden, periodic, electrical sensations in our brain. If…

Lifestyle Hacks to Protect the Brain

Dr. Nicole Cain Published in Psychology Today Let's talk about cognitive functioning, specifically Alzheimer's and how the gut brain axis is involved. Is anyone surprised…

My Top 11 Tips for Personal Growth

Are you looking for ways to use your full potential? Do you want to achieve your goals and grow personally?┬áIf you do, you should know…

Guided Meditation Series

Read below descriptions of each mediation to help determine which ones to listen to and why! The links to listen below are to the youtube…

A Morning Routine for a Healthier You

Written By: Jacqueline Genova from Check out Wellnstrong!

Mental Health in Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurial mental health is the name of the game, and can often be the tipping-point in which businesses thrive and which businesses fail. Generally, business…

The Undercover Toxin Impacting Your Health with Dr. Jill Crista