Integrative Solutions for Emotional Health

Have you ever wondered what’s causing your depression, ADD, or mood swings, and other mental health concerns? Our bodies are complex organisms that have evolved over thousands of years. Yet, the food we eat, the chemicals we’re surrounded with, and the environment we’re in can all play a role in disrupting our natural balance and emotional health. Maybe the answer isn’t more medication…


There is hope for depression. There are clinically backed, integrative solutions for depression, and our passion is to give you access to the best research and solutions available. Did you know that your gut impacts your mood? Did you know that 95% of your serotonin is made in your gut? Did you know that you can change your genetic predisposition to depression through quick and simple strategies that you can do at home? You can heal from depression. Click below to learn about testing, integrative supplements, integrative herbs, and other treatments for depression. 


Have you ever found yourself frustrated by distraction, lack of focus, and difficulty completing tasks? Or do you have a child who is struggling in school? AD(H)D is a condition where the person is not able to focus or concentrate optimally and this can cause negative consequences across all phases of life. Whether it’s school, work, or relationships, not feeling in control of your thoughts can be debilitating.  But we have good news! There are many causes of AD(H)D, some of which involve dopamine, gut pathogens, and more, and identifying the root cause of your symptoms, will provide you the natural solutions to take your life back.

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder is characterized by clearly demarcated mood swings ranging from depression to mania (or hypomania). Typically arising in early adulthood, the effects of bipolar disorder can be frightening and often debilitating. However bipolar disorder is very treatable. There are safe, powerful, and effective strategies for managing the symptoms of bipolar disorder so that you can enjoy greater health and more stable moods. To learn about herbs for bipolar disorder, supplements for bipolar disorder, and testing to get to the root cause of your bipolar disorder, read more by clicking the link below.

Anxiety & Panic Disorder

Do you suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, or phobias?

Is your anxiety controlling your life and inhibiting you from the freedom you deserve?

Are you looking for natural supplements for anxiety, or herbs for anxiety?

Would you like to get to the root cause of your anxiety so that you can truly heal?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place. Integrative medicine for anxiety is safe, powerful, and effective and can be tailored to your unique needs.


Trauma-informed care is the future of medicine and you deserve access to the best integrative information that medicine has to offer. Our passion is providing resources so that you can get your life back. When it comes to trauma, the effects can widespread and debilitating. Symptoms can range from physical, to emotional, to spiritual. However, research has shown that there are safe, powerful, and effective solutions to actually change the structure of your brain and body, promote health, and help you get your life back. To read more about diagnostic assessments for trauma, to access data on the best integrative treatments for trauma including supplements for trauma, herbs for PTSD, and more, read the content below.

Postpartum Depression

If you’ve recently given birth and you have begun feeling depressed, you may be experiencing postpartum depression. Postpartum depression can come with symptoms such as irritability, anxiety, loss of interest in the activities you would normally enjoy, and extreme fatigue and apathy. If you are experiencing postpartum depression, there are natural solutions available. Dr. Cain is one of the only licensed Naturopathic Physicians in the country who specializes in postpartum depression.