Natural Solutions for Bipolar Disorder

Being diagnosed is not a life sentence. Learn to take back control and live the life you desire.


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Natural Solutions featured in:

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How the Natural Solutions for Bipolar Disorder course will help you to get your life back:

1. Clarity: What is bipolar disorder and what causes the swings in mood?

2. Certainty: Identifying the root cause will help you to get to the bottom of your symptoms.

3. Comprehensive: Gain access to the most comprehensive course, jam-packed with integrative resources for bipolar disorder.

4. Capable: Feel capable and equipped to Immediately implement proven tools to transcend bipolar disorder now and forever.

Hear How Jarred is Conquering His Bipolar Disorder

Jarred has been battling bipolar disorder for years. We’ve been working together to help him write his own story and put bipolar in its place!

Behind the Scenes of

Natural Solutions for Bipolar Disorder

Here's what you'll get:

For less than the price of one private visit in one of my clinics, you will get a beautiful 44 page book, over an hour of video content, and lifetime access to the membership portal. But the real win is finally having answers to be able to take your life back from bipolar disorder. That’s my commitment to you. Here’s a peek into the modules we’ll do together.

Module 1: What is Bipolar Disorder?

Have you been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and are feeling a little bit in the dark about what that means for you? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this section you will learn: 

  • The different types of bipolar disorder
  • Warning signs of mania or hypomania
  • Symptoms of depression 
  • Identifying causes of bipolar disorder (because remember, we always want to address the root-cause of our symptoms)

Module 2: Identifying the Root Cause of Bipolar Disorder

This isn’t just another course about bipolar disorder. With one foot in counseling and the other foot in the latest research in integrative and naturopathic methods, this course has been built with these things in mind: The body is capable of healing itself, getting to the root cause is necessary for creating a strategy that works, and optimizing your RESULTS with natural tools.

In this module, you are going to learn:

  • Testing available to get to the root cause of your symptoms: What is the OAT test? What genetics may be impacting my mood? Is there a link between my mood and my diet? And much more…
  • The latest advancements in diagnostic imaging for assessing brain changes in bipolar disorder
  • Testing that your doctor should be doing but probably isn’t

Module 3: Integrative Support for Bipolar Disorder

This is our favorite module. This module includes Dr. Cain’s secrets for helping her clients attain freedom over their Bipolar Disorder symptoms. She has worked with thousands of clients over the past decade in clinical practice using these secrets and we’re making it available for YOU for the first time. This module is jam-packed with SO MUCH information (like, over 20 pages). We are going to dive into the conventional solutions for Bipolar Disorder AND naturopathic approaches. You are going to learn about:

  • The Bipolar Disorder Diet
  • Neurotransmitters and Bipolar Disorder: How they impact your mood, and how to restore neurotransmitter balance naturally
  • Supplements for Bipolar Disorder
  • Mind-Body Strategies for Bipolar Disorder that work fast
  • Access to the ForceField Strategies to prevent mania before it starts, and help pull you out of depression when it strikes 

Dr. Nicole Cain, ND, MA

A Naturopathic Doctor with a Master’s in Clinical Psychology

A YOUnique Approach

My commitment is to support you in releasing the control bipolar disorder has over you.

But let’s face it, conventional medicine is often limited to medications, and integrative treatment can be so expensive.
We became frustrated with the pill-for-an-ill model, or the spray and pray testing and supplement-for-a-symptom methods used by many functional medicine doctors, and we wanted to create a solution: Thus the Bipolar Course was born.

I believe that you deserve to have access to cost-effective information that has the potential to be life changing, without stressing your finances and your body with endless high-ticket options.

Just like Jarred (in the above video), with this course, you will learn how to send Bipolar Disorder backstage rather than allowing it to be a stage hog calling all the shots. That is my commitment to you when you enroll in this course. 

You get to shine as the star in your life story. I get to help.

We've got your back.

We’ll stick with you to see the process through from beginning to end!


You will be clearly presented with the best information and processes that you can start implementing immediately.


Your experience of daily life changes with your neurochemistry & new habits.


Los Angeles, CA

I was diagnosed with Bipolar I disorder when I turned 18. My symptoms were severe with psychotic mania, that alternated with severe dream-like depression. I had negative reactions to every medication my doctors tried and I was desperate. Dr. Cain uses a methodology that makes sense and I finally have the answers I have been looking for. I no longer have psychotic episodes, my moods are much more stable and for the first time in my life I feel like myself. I no longer feel terrified of when the next mood swing will come because if it does, I know exactly what to do. I couldn’t recommend this course enough, it’ll change your life.

San Francisco, CA

My bipolar disorder used to control me, and now I control it. While I believe medications have their place, I had always dreamed of having children and my doctors said that it would not be safe. In this course I learned about the signs that my symptoms are tipping into mania, and strategies to stop my brain from spiraling out of control. This course also taught me Forcefield strategies to help keep my mood stable to begin with. As I write this testimonial, I am off my medications under my doctor’s supervision, and am stable, six months pregnant and feeling really, really grateful. Thank you for this amazing course Dr. Cain!

Flagstaff, AZ

My bipolar diagnosis completely derailed my career, my relationships, and it almost cost me my life. The information in this course is seriously life changing. I have no idea where I’d be if I didn’t have have Dr. Cain. One of the biggest things I got out of this course is that there are genetic risk factors for bipolar disorder. I learned that I have a COMT mutation and have learned how to support my body and brain so that my neurotransmitters stay balanced.

Is this Program Right for You?

My commitment to breakthrough bipolar disorder extends to those willing and able to actively move towards their own happiness. In dedication to that cause, my team and I are vigilant about protecting this tribe. Here are clarifications to help you decide if you’re a good fit for this proactive and engaged community. 




Beautiful jam packed 44 page book

Over an hour of video content

24/7 access to the membership portal.

Getting your life back and igniting your soul









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For less than 1 visit with a specialist, you get everything you need to break through bipolar disorder and create a plan that will give you your happily-ever-after, no matter what life throws your way. You get over an hour of video content, a 44 page book jam-packed with the latest in functional medicine approaches for bipolar disorder, and access to the members-only site that holds all of your exclusive data.

Dr. nicole Cain

After 10+ years working 1 on 1, I’ve launched this course to create a more affordable, effective, and direct road to success. We’ve had amazing success stories so far – we’re dropping our price for the rest of the year to make sure we have multitudes of success stories!


Heck yes, babe! There is no expiration on our courses and unless it is specifically stated you will get lifetime access to all your content. Yasssss!

This is where having a doctor to oversee your health journey is important. While my office does some of the testing mentioned in this course, it is best to order testing through your trusted doctor. This also ensures a proper review of the lab test.

We’re all about transparency and honesty. You’re going to get all of my best material and strategies to teach you exactly what to do. There are no hidden costs or fees. If you opt to invest in any testing or supplements, you can order those as needed.  

Don’t listen to us, see for yourself! 

Kirsten, Napa

“Before working with Dr. Nicole, I had never experienced such a thorough head to toe system for getting to the root cause! I feel like I’ve learned from a therapist, doctor, and trauma specialist all in one! 

It was worth every penny. If you’re on the fence on whether or not you should take Dr. Cain’s course– just do it! I’m glad I did.”

Brittany, Scottsdale

“I wanted to thank you for making it so much easier for me to understand the mind body link. I had read a lot about the gut brain connection and had seen both functional medicine doctors and gastroenterologists without success. One of the biggest things I got out of the program is learning exactly how my emotions impact my gut. I feel so empowered and so grateful.”

Ashley, Minneapolis

“I am doing so well and am so happy and wanted you to know. Thank you Dr. Cain!” 

Annie, Vancouver, BC

“I finally know how to consistently feel my best. I feel capable of overcoming obstacles that may arise and not letting them take control of my life.”

“Before working with Dr. Nicole, I had never experienced such a thorough head to toe system for getting to the root cause.

I feel like I’ve learned from a therapist, doctor, and trauma specialist all in one! 

It was worth every penny. If you’re on the fence on whether or not you should take Dr. Cain’s course– just do it! I’m glad I did.”

We have a support tab in the membership portal that you can contact when you get stuck or have questions!

***Disclaimer: This is an online course focused on education to empower you in your personal health journey. Nicole Cain is an expert at consulting, educating, and empowering people and thus she is giving you as much information as possible, because she believes knowledge is power. Remember, as it states in the official terms of this course, it is information only, and thus these courses are not a substitute for any type of professional treatment. Please consult with your doctor or healthcare provider before making any changes to your current lifestyle.****