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Food & Supplements To Eliminate Benzo Belly

Quitting benzos is a huge step in your recovery journey. However, you may need assistance to ease diarrhea, abdominal pain, and nausea associated with

My 3 Favorite Herbs For Anxiety

Dr. Nicole Cain knows living with

The Impact of Diet on Sleep Quality

A growling stomach and several trips to the bathroom don’t make bedtime a restful experience, yet many people are unaware of the impact that diet…

What Are Brain Zaps? – 6 Best Supplements To Soothe Symptoms

What Are Brain Zaps? Brain zaps, also known as brain shivers, head tingles, or electric zaps, are sudden, periodic, electrical sensations in our brain. If…

On the go? 4 Ayurveda Travel Tips You Need to Know!


CBD for Kids With Anger

CBD for Kids Cannabis is a hot topic today as it is filled with controversy on whether it’s overall good or bad for your health.…

The Top 6 Nutrients you Need to Help you Get Off Benzodiazapines

You can get off benzodiazepine with tools that are: Safe. Natural. Effective. To get off benzodiazepine (xanax, valium, klonapin, ativan, etc) can be extremely difficult,…

Oppositional Defiant Disorder: Are you at your wit’s end parenting a difficult child?

Dr. Cain was recently published in NDNR magazine! Read now by clicking reading!    

Taking Antidepressant Medications? Here Are Your Top 3 Must-Have Nutrients.

Taking Antidepressant Medications? Antidepressant medications are often the first-line treatment for depression. While these medications are often effective and lifesaving, they also can have serious…