Integrative Solutions For Longevity & Optimal Performance​

Your thoughts, choices, and behaviors have a direct impact on your life expectancy.

If you want to maximize your longevity, feel younger and healthier, look younger and healthier, prevent disease, or improve your health, then this article is for you.

There are 3 key steps to achieving optimal health, they are as follows:

  1. Detox & Exercise
  2. Ramp up the Nutrients
  3. Changing your Mindset

Optimal Mental/Emotional Health

Optimizing your mental and emotional health is possible for every single person. Whether you feel mentally and emotionally stable or suffer from mental or emotional concerns, there are powerful strategies you can start utilizing today in taking control over your mental and emotional wellness trajectory. 

If you are trying to improve your brain health, mental health, or physical health but are not seeing the improvements that you would like, then you need to rule out obstacles to cure.

Optimal Mental Performance

Do you have a goal to achieve optimal mental performance, to improve mental agility, or are you looking for tips on how to improve memory, mood, and concentration? If so, you are in the right place. Research has shown that our brains are extremely “plastic,” or changeable. This means that with the right formula, you can improve your mental sharpness and perform better in your career, job, hobbies, and more.

I have talked extensively about Detox, Nutrients, and Mindset in other areas of this web page. Be sure to check those out so that you do not miss the other ingredients in a whole-person integrative brain health approach to helping you reach your mental performance objectives.

Mental Clarity

If you suffer from a lack of mental clarity, with brain fog, confusion, dissociation, issues with concentration, focus, and memory, this is the place for you.

My passion is helping people learn about their brains and to help them make changes to actually heal, and enjoy a life that is free, flowing, and fluid.

You can improve your brain function, you can have a better memory, improve focus, have better concentration, get rid of brain fog, and feel more mental clarity and control over your mind.

Stress Reduction

Have you ever felt like your brain isn’t working properly? Maybe you’re in a meeting and your mind goes blank? Or you’re giving a talk and you find yourself word-hunting or tripping over your sentences? If so, stress might be the obstacle to you performing at your optimal potential. Let’s deconstruct this phenomenon together:

Under stressful circumstances, the body responds by releasing a stress hormone called cortisol. In the “wild” your ancestors may have experienced this cortisol release at the encounter of a hungry bear while out foraging for food. The spike in stress hormones enabled them to run with speeds unmatched, thus ensuring survival, and eons later, you being born. This cortisol-adrenaline spike phenomenon is purported to be one of the reasons women have been known to achieve massive feats of strength in crisis, like lifting cars off of babies. However, this helpful biological response goes awry when we are not in a situation where we are able to respond by running (AKA flight) or lashing out (AKA fight). So instead, that stress hormone remains trapped in your body and your nervous system runs amuck.