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Natural Solutions featured in:

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Hello love, are you ready to finally get your nervous system back on track with a proven vagus nerve reset? I know you’ve been on this journey for what feels like forever, and at times it may feel like you’ll never feel like yourself again.

I’ve been there. During the time when my anxiety and insomnia was at its worst, my nervous system was in such a state of extreme stress, that I was convinced I’d never get better. I struggled with panic, muscle spasms, heart palpitations, extreme digestive upset, numbness and tingling, and I even lost so much weight that my period stopped.

there are two things you need to know

You’re not alone. I get it. I’ve been at rock bottom. I know what it’s like to feel at the end of your rope.

You can get better with my vagus nerve reset program, and I’m here to help.

The Importance of the vagus nerve

No matter what you’re dealing with, whether it be mind related (anxiety, stress, overwhelm, brain fog…) or physical (digestive upset, heart palpitations, headaches, or pains), your nervous system is playing a role. 

I’d even venture to guess that your vagus nerve is playing a big part of it, too.

Vagus Nerve Reset Program

Behind the Scenes of the

Vagus Nerve Reset Program

Sometimes instant gratification isn’t fast enough and in those moments, you need the know-how for going straight to your nervous system and hitting that switch.

The techniques are easy and results, immediate.

The vagus nerve reset program

will teach you

  • Why your nervous system might be stuck in fight/ flight/ freeze
  • Tips for immediately shifting your nervous system into a state of greater calm
  • The #1 food that might be causing your anxiety (hint, it’s not an allergy)
  • The four primary ways the vagus nerve regulates your nervous system
  • 10 signs your vagus nerve may be out of balance
  • The relationship between your diet and your vagus nerve

here's the breakdown

Module 1: What is the vagus nerve?

  • What is the vagus nerve and how does it work?
  • The 5 key ways your vagus nerve regulates your nervous system

Module 2: Is yours out of balance?

  • 10 signs and symptoms that your vagus nerve is imbalanced
  • How to know if your vagus nerve is interfering with your mental health

Module 3: Measuring Vagal Tone

  • How to measure your vagal tone in 30 seconds
  • Heart rate variability and how it relates to stress
  • Best wearable device for measuring your vagal nerve reactivity to stress

Module 4: stimulating the Vagus nerve

  • 15 easy ways to activate your vagus nerve
  • Vagus nerve strategies used to create long-term nervous system calm
  • Techniques to feel immediate calmness via stimulating the vagus nerve

Bonus Module: Diet & Supplementation

  • The best supplement for your vagus nerve
  • The #1 food that interferes with your vagus nerve

What You'll Get

5 Educational Videos (over 45 minutes of video content)

The Vagus Nerve Reset Guidebook

24/7 and Lifetime Access to the Program

Getting your life back - priceless!

Let's Get Started!

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assessing vagus nerve tone should be at the top of your priority list

The job of the vagus nerve is to shift your autonomic nervous system out of sympathetic overdrive, associated with fight/ flight/ freeze, into a parasympathetic state, causing calm and relaxation. 

If your vagus nerve is underactive, addressing your vagus nerve may help to get you the results you need.

“I often felt like I had no control over my body. Sometimes I would get anxiety out of the blue, other times I’d over react to feeling overwhelmed. I knew I had to make a change after I had a panic attack on the highway, while on my way to meet a new client.

I knew that anxiety wasn’t logical, but what I didn’t know was how to work with my body to make panic stop. Now I do, and that’s been the best gift I could have ever received.

– Jordan

“Ever since I watched your video, I have incorporated the techniques. I’ve noticed a big difference in my anxiety levels!!! Thank you!!”

– Lori