Your symptoms are trying to tell you what to heal.

I’m here to teach you how.

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For over a decade, I have been a pioneer in integrative approaches for mental and emotional wellness.

With a degree in clinical psychology and a license as a Naturopathic Physician in the state of Arizona, my approach to mental health is multidisciplinary: medical, psychological, and holistic.

I have been interviewed as a mental health expert in Forbes, consulted for major companies like Orb Health, designed the integrative mental health curriculum for Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM), and have been a national speaker for PESI and other leading behavioral health organizations. My zone of genius is mental health and my passion is to spread a simple message:

You can get your life back.

My Story

I’ve been on my own health journey since the age of 12, with what started out as terrible sinus congestion and, several medications later, anxiety began to show up in my world.

Being a doctor was ingrained in my soul since a young age. In fact, in middle school I made my own little first aid kit and brought it on adventures with the neighborhood kids to the creek nearby. I’d tend to their scrapes and bruises and encourage their spirits.

Pre-med was at the top of my living-list and I studied AP biology, read first-aid books for

fun, and was later granted admission to Luther College on scholarship where I studied psychobiology. Throughout college, my symptoms persisted. By the age of 21, I had two prescriptions for asthma, two for rhinitis, one for anxiety, depression, and another for stomach upset (if you’re counting, that’s six prescriptions for a 21 year old).

As my confidence in the medical system wavered, one thing stayed the same: The feeling of a soul on fire when truly connecting with and supporting others.

The next step on my journey took me out of small-town-Iowa and brought me to Chicago, Illinois to study clinical psychology at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. This is where two amazing things happened: I learned how to become a psychotherapist and I met my to-be husband, Paul.

One evening, I was working as a group rehab counselor for teenagers at Rush Behavioral Health. Red Bull in hand, a girl named Suzie* was sharing about her struggle with sleep.

A question kept repeating in my mind: Hadn’t anyone spoken to her about caffeine intake and sleep?

But because this topic fell into the domain of medicine and not counseling, we referred her to the resident psychiatrist, who, after a short visit, gave her a prescription for ambien, a controlled substance used to promote sleep.

Remember that soul on fire feeling I told you about earlier? I wasn’t feeling it anymore. While I still loved supporting my clients, the palliative care, pill-for-an-ill model was simply not cutting it.

I knew there had to be another way and I found it.

My life changed drastically over the next three months. I had by a sheer miracle discovered Naturopathic Medicine and it was as if puzzle pieces of my life fell into place. I ravenously studied vitalistic philosophy and naturopathic modalities; I wrote admissions letters, was accepted to medical school, and ultimately left the windy city of Chicago and migrated to the sunny desert of Tempe, Arizona to attend The Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM).

Over the next several years, I would be challenged mentally, emotionally and physically.

My mentor, Dr. Jim Sensenig taught me about vitalistic medicine and Dr. Steven Messer introduced me to homeopathy.

I learned how to think like a doctor and with my foundation in clinical psychology, I approached each client from a perspective that embraced the mind, body and spirit.

I also learned the importance of: “physician, heal thyself.” I unpacked old traumas by going to therapy, identified food sensitivities, cleaned up my diet and lifestyle, started taking homeopathic remedies and a few restorative vitamins, and I was ultimately able to get off of every single one of my medications.

Graduation came in the blink of an eye, and I was selected for a highly competitive residency in internal medicine. Meanwhile, I also started my private practice in integrative mental health, and got married to Paul.

My mission was to help people turn the page in their story of depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder.

Over the next years, I published articles, taught doctoral-level students clinical psychology, ran a successful medical rotation where medical students learned how to integrate clinical

psychology with holistic medicine, launched a not-for profit company in mental health education, continued to run a busy private practice, and lectured for the Arizona Counseling Association, Arizona State University, the Southwest Behavioral Conference, PESI, the Virginia Naturopathic Association.

Little did I know, everything was soon to fall apart.

Your body is wisely designed to tell you when it needs help, these messages come in the form of symptoms. Just like a baby cries when hungry, your body and mind produce symptoms when in need of support. If you do not hear the whispers they will magnify into shouts.

My symptoms began as a whisper. But I had things to do. My fire was fully ignited and I was too busy to slow down and pay attention.

Then I stopped sleeping and the anxiety from my adolescence returned but at a severity that I had never experienced. What started out as stress waking me up with lists of to-do’s, and worries, had escalated into full fledged panic and insomnia.

But I was an integrative mental health expert. I knew exactly what to do, what to take, and who to call. I went to the best clinicians I could find and they all had “the solution.” I tried supplements, acupuncture, ayurvedic medicine, chiropractic, meditation, cranial sacral, hydrotherapy, botanical medicine, bach flower remedies, counseling, hypnosis, homeopathic remedies, prayer and ultimately found myself in a well of pharmaceutical prescriptions and no light at the end of the tunnel.

Have you ever felt despair? That soul crushing anguish that comes from realizing you have tapped out all of your resources and there is still no end in sight?

I've Been there. I hear you. You're not alone.

With all of my other options exhausted, I finally found stillness by looking inward at myself. I faced what I had been trying so hard to ignore: My Big Pink Elephant. She was telling me it was time to start my next chapter. But first, I had to be willing to turn the page.

What about you? Are you ready to turn the page? Are you ready to stop looking and finally discover the secrets to getting your life back?

Your symptoms are trying to tell you what to heal, and I’m here to teach you how.

Healing comes with the first next step….


You can heal, this I know. I got my life back, have helped thousands across the world restore their emotional wellness: From the student, to the entrepreneur, or even the TikTok influencer and I am here to help you to do the same.

One of the most common questions I’m asked is:
Can I actually heal from my anxiety?

The answer is: Yes! There is always hope. Always hold onto hope. No matter what they say, hope is your birthright, your next chapter, and an invitation to the life you were meant to live.

Healing comes with the first next step. You took your first step by reading these words today. Now it’s time to take the next step and don’t worry: I’ll be with you. You’re not alone.

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Dr. Nicole Cain, ND MA is an avid advocate for bringing holistic solutions to anyone suffering. Her motto is: Put a comma at the end of the sentence–because your life doesn’t end with a diagnosis.


  • Board Certified Naturopathic Physician (NMD) State of Arizona
  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) State of Illinois (inactive license)



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