By Dr. Nicole Cain, ND MA

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Far too often, mental and physical health solutions are treated like jump-starting a car. It gets you going again, but doesn’t let you take the time to understand WHY you broke down in the first place! I prefer a different approach.

“If you actually want to heal your body and mind from inside, and not just take pills to put a temporary Bandaid on your symptoms, I highly recommend Dr. Cain.”



Topeka, KS

With 24/7 access to these resources, you can become your own

Health Advocate

Here’s what I do differently: You are your own best advocate and your body deserves the best! I don’t want to fix you. I want to give you the tools to understand yourself and get to the root of understanding your symptoms or trauma and the best solutions you can offer yourself!

“I’m on a fast track to a healthier, more fulfilling life. My health has improved, my relationships are stronger, and I’m full of energy and hope. This differs entirely from my previous 31 years of unsuccessful medications, therapies, and useless testing. I wish I’d started Dr. Cain’s natural solutions years ago!”

Nick Philadelphia


Philadelphia, PA

How the costs

Stack up

While we highly encourage 1-to-1 support, our goal is to help you understand your own body and mental health so you can set your own goals. This will vastly accelerate your growth if you pursue 1-on-1 solutions – all at a much lower cost.

“All the time and money we spend on a clinician’s couch talking about our problems. I got therapy for over a year and I’m getting more out of this course than over a year of talk therapy.”

Troy New York NY


New York, NY

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Natural Solutions featured in:

Natural Solutions featured in:

The Holistic Wellness Collective

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Become your own holistic health expert! This is a membership designed for those who want to become holistic mental health experts for themselves and their families. You’ll get monthly lessons, Q&A sessions, and learn about supplements, herbs, natural solutions, conventional medicine & so much more!

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Anxiety Breakthrough Program

Mapping Out Your Benzo taper

Gut Psychology Course

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Natural Solutions for Depression

Natural Solutions For Bipolar Disorder

Vagus Nerve Reset program

Ayurveda: The Key to Your Success™

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Start your path to healing with a free gift. Of COURSE I want you to join the rest of us, but only when you’re ready! Until then, enjoy one of our free resources.