Guided Meditation Series

By Dr. Nicole Cain ND, MA

Read below descriptions of each mediation to help determine which ones to listen to and why!

The links to listen below are to the youtube version, however you can also find these on most podcast streaming platforms.

Happy Sleepy Guided Meditation (LISTEN NOW)

If you struggle settling into restfulness, you will forever juggle feelings of stress and overwhelm and will never get the opportunity to deeply heal. By learning how to lean into calmness you will begin to experience safety in your own mind and body. The Happy Sleepy Guided Meditation, will introduce you to three gentle exercises to help you feel more calm, more relaxed, to prepare you for restful sleep, or even help you to shift from a state of anxiousness and panic into a state of happiness and peace.

The three exercises you will learn include:

Listen to this if you:

Master Your Morning Guided Meditation (LISTEN NOW)

The first moments of each day sets forth a cascade that trickles throughout the rest of your waking hours. Starting your day with intentionality will serve as a vehicle, carrying you towards your goals of feeling liberated and supported.

If you struggle with dread, anxiety, fatigue or overwhelm in the mornings, it will inhibit your ability to show up in your life as your most authentic self.

Practicing with the Master Your Morning Meditation will help your nervous system to reattune towards feeling calm and centered.

This meditation will guide you through five steps:

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Radical Acknowledgement Guided Meditation (LISTEN NOW)

If you are in a cycle of feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and frustrated in your life and circumstances, you may be struggling with burnout and thoughts of calling it quits. But take heart; the stuck-ness is an invitation to look inward and the key towards feeling free, powerful, and ready for whatever comes next in your life.

The Radical Acknowledgement Guided Meditation walks you through the steps to deeply attune to reality as it is, so that you aren’t stuck in an endless loop of doubt and discouragement. By practicing the teachings from this meditation, you will become more able to accept each moment for what it is, reorient your focus back on your inner knowing and truth, and welcome into your life all of the wonderful things that are meant for you.

Listen to this if you:

Pain to Possibility Guided Meditation (LISTEN NOW)

Pushing pain aside will only cause it to amplify until you can ignore it no longer. Your struggles will begin to take over your life, stealing your joy, peace, and freedom. But you can learn how to shift pain into possibility. You can learn to acknowledge the voice of your pain as a messenger teaching you how to truly heal.

Any time you feel wound up, overwhelmed, stressed, or at the end of your rope, set whatever it is that you are doing aside and practice this exercise with me.

As you rehearse the seven steps in The Pain to Possibility Guided Meditation you will notice how you can feel calm and in control no matter what emotions or thoughts arise. You will feel capable of receiving these messages and transforming them and releasing them so that you can show up as your most authentic self.

Listen to this if you:

Dissociation on Command Guided Meditation (LISTEN NOW)

Sometimes, allowing in the fullness of your grief or stress can feel like too much to bear. Your nervous system goes into high alert, and you feel extreme panic, despair, anger, pain and other signs of overwhelm.

As a form of protection, your body is equipped with a natural mechanism called dissociation, which can feel like detachment, distancing or numbing.

Learning how to mindfully rest, by inviting this protection into your life on command, it will help you to relax your nervous system, harness feelings of calm, and feel confident that you are able to handle whatever stressors come your way.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, at the end of your rope, and you just need a moment of peace, join me for this Dissociation on Command Guided Meditation.

You are going to learn three exercises: Back into the Body, The Sky and The Sea. These you can use any time you need a reset from stress, or support going to sleep.

Listen to this if you:

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