Dosha Quiz

Discover Your Ayurvedic Mind-Body Constitution

In Ayurveda, the five elements of ether, air, fire, water, and earth make up everything, including you. These elements combine to form the three doshas: Vata (ether + air), Pitta (fire + a bit of water), and Kapha (water + earth). These doshas and their unique combinations in each person’s body give rise to our differences.

Knowing which dosha(s) are most prominent in your mind-body constitution can help you leverage your strengths, as well as mitigate probable challenges.

This quiz will help you discover which dosha is currently most prominent for you. While no quiz on the internet can tell you the exact constitution you were born with, that actually doesn’t matter as much as the imbalances you may have right now. By knowing the dosha that is currently most prominent in your mind and body, you can work to balance it for greater health and happiness.

Once you’ve taken the dosha quiz, you will receive information about your most prominent dosha, its superpowers and pitfalls, and how to bring it back into balance when it gets out of whack.

You’ll also receive information about the other two doshas, just in case there are multiple doshas you want to balance.

And if you’d like to dive even deeper into the doshas and how to balance each one, be sure to take the Ayurveda: The Key to Your Success™ mini-course, designed to help you navigate your doshas for greater success in all areas of your life!