The Undercover Toxin Impacting Your Health with Dr. Jill Crista

By Dr. Nicole Cain ND, MA

Is mold on your health radar? Dr. Jill wants to make sure it is. Mold can lurk without a trace or a scent. If this is happening where you spend time, you could be sick from mold and not even know it. Dr. Jill Crista is a naturopathic doctor and one of the leading experts in the treatment of mold-related illness – not only from her 20 years working with patients but because toxic mold sprouted in her own home. That experience inspired her to write a book, called Break The Mold. It clearly and simply outlines the tools that everyday people can use to conquer mold. Dr. Jill also trains doctors to become Mold-Literate and supports “Mold Canaries” through her membership portal.

Her motto: Break the mold, take back your health!

In this podcast, we start by talking about Dr. Jill Crista’s story and how she became a specialist in mold and integrative health. She shares about her experience with mold and how that motivated her to write a book to help others! It’s not rocket science, it just takes the right process and identification.

Did you know that around 25-50% of buildings have enough water damage to host toxic molds!? The thing about mold is, if an entire family is exposed, each member might display their symptoms differently. We talk about 3 actionable steps for anyone that’s been exposed to mold – tune in to find out!


Here are Dr. Jill’s Resources to get your started:

Mold quiz – moldquiz.com (also accessible on her website)

Book – Break The Mold


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This article is for educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. Whenever considering changing your protocol whether it includes a change of medications, supplements, diet or lifestyle, always speak with your primary care physician first.

Dr. Nicole Cain is an advocate for empowering people around the world to help themselves via her educational free resources, online courses, and membership group. You can receive the tools you need to find the root cause of your symptoms and feel healthy again.