The Anxiety



Ready to feel centered and in control

when stress and overwhelm attack?

The Anxiety



Ready to feel centered and in control

when stress and overwhlem attack?

Control anxiety instead of letting it control you!

What You Will Get from the Course:


Not just "breathing exercises" or "meditation."

Trust me. This is not just a hodge-podge of feel-good hippie practices that you’ll find on Tik Tok. With my background in clinical psychology & as a licensed naturopathic physician, we’ll get into the actual science of why you’re experiencing your symptoms and how to craft a systematic approach to reduce anxiety naturally!


A well-rounded & holistic approach that gets results faster.

Taking on YOUR anxiety isn’t a one size fits all approach. Many anxiety sufferers are often sent from a therapist to a doctor to a specialist, then to testing, and back and forth again. Specializing in physical and mental wellness allows me to help you set goals to get the most out of your human experience and transform anxiety from a controlling burden to a helpful advocate.


Anxiety support anywhere and everywhere.

Our online portal and Facebook group are available anywhere and everywhere. Log on with your phone, computer, or tablet. Having resources readily available is key to beating stress and anxiety and setting yourself up for success. Oh, and you’ll have access to this program FOR LIFE, to reference back to whenever you need it.

Natural Solutions featured in:

Natural Solutions featured in:

Natural Solutions featured in:

Take a look behind the scenes:

Topics We'll tackle Together:

Before you read all this, don’t get overwhelmed. A holistic approach means we’ll tackle ALL of these anxiety topics and devise a plan for you to reduce anxiety naturally and take the reins on your life again!

Don't Ignore The Signs Of Anxiety

Don’t let anxiety control you. When anxiety takes the reins, there can be a chain reaction of consequences that can be frustrated and keep you from reaching your goals.

Unchecked anxiety can complicate or end the relationships around us.

Anxiety can build into a severe lack of motivation to complete daily tasks.

Anxiety can lead to days in bed, loss of sleep, or even physical illness.

Learn to Reduce Anxiety Naturally

You’ve tried just about everything… therapy, medications, self-help books, breathing exercises, the list may go on, yet anxiety is persistent on being involved in your everyday life. Maybe it is because the root cause has not been addressed?

Your anxiety is trying to tell you something and its messages haven’t been heard correctly. Until it knows you are listening and there to walk alongside it, instead of sweeping it under the rug, it will continue to show up. 

Why is your anxiety there in the first place? That’s what this program aims to address, THE ROOT.

Anxiety is like this web of protection, interconnected and multifaceted, it’s time to untangle that web and reveal what’s underneath it all, time to understand and breakthrough anxiety in all aspects of your life.

(This program is now included within the Holistic Wellness Collective)

What you'll get:

The entire anxiety course is available with prerecorded videos online that we’ll walk through together.

There are 9 hours of in-depth video content available. And you can use them all at your own pace!

We have a beautiful workbook available for you to journal alongside the program as you work through it!

You’ll get access to our exclusive Facebook group to work alongside other anxiety warriors who are taking the same steps you are!

Keeping anxiety in check is a lifelong process! This program and the Facebook group will be available 24/7 FOR LIFE for you to refer back to.

Ready to join us?

Start losing the stress instead of your marbles! Dive in and join us to put anxiety in its place! My goal is to save you time and money by setting you on track to reach YOUR goals by kicking that lack of motivation to the curb! You’ve got this!

$499 Free With Membership

(This program is now included within the Holistic Wellness Collective)