What are clients are saying about Dr. Cain

Reviews from Yelp

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Other Patient Results

“I have been seeing Dr. Cain for four months for depression, bipolar disorder, and an eating disorder. In just a few months into treatment I have seen my overall mood become much more stable and much more positive. Dr. Cain is the most kind and caring doctor I have ever had- and I have seen psychiatrists since age 14. I would highly recommend Dr. Cain to a friend or anyone I know.” – Patient KM

“My daughter was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder in 2010. At that time she was homeless, emaciated, and wandering the streets of California. We brought her home, and immediately started her with psychiatric medicines. However her symptoms continued to persist, and then she developed side effects from the medications. We found Dr. Cain and went to see her right away. Dr Cain was respectful, compassionate and was able to build rapport with my daughter and worked effectively with our psychiatrist. Dr. Cain prescribed a homeopathic remedy that quickly helped reduce my daughter’s symptoms. It’s been two years, and my daughter is now living on her own, her mood is stable, her delusions and hallucinations are gone and she has been able to wean down on her psychiatric medications. We are so happy to have found Dr. Cain and would heartily recommend her as a physician. – SC (mother of patient)

“Dr. Cain is an incredibly talented healer, the best I’ve ever had. She is more than a doctor who gives you 7 minutes, nods, pokes, and writes a script for pills. She is like nothing you have likely seen before in healthcare. She’ll completely change your view of what is possible and what WELLNESS can be. Patient GM

Dr. Cain has superior listening skills and a magnificent bedside manner. She listens and HEARS you, taking what you say and formulating a plan for healing, all the while including you to make sure it will fit with your lifestyle, monetary limits, and commitment level. She repeats what she hears back to you to make sure she understands what you said and isn’t shy asking for clarification. She trusts that you know your own body better than anyone else and consults you as an expert in your own healing, empowering you to make changes and follow your gut. She thinks outside the box, utilizing her counseling skills to treat your WHOLE being. You can’t beat her for holistic care. From initial consultation to follow-up, Dr. Cain centers your care around you, the complete patient.

I have a rather complex case involving many injuries, illnesses, chronic genetic disease, occupational toxin exposure, and emotional components, but Dr. Cain was able to cut to the heart of the issues and discover causes I’d never considered, approaching them with a confident multilevel plan. This was done with a very thorough intake, simple exam, and only two targeted lab tests. As a result, I’m fast on a track to a healthier, more fulfilling life. My health has improved, my relationships are stronger, and I’m full of energy and hope. This differs entirely from my previous 31 years of unsuccessful medications, therapies, and useless testing, many of which left me sicker and exasperated with the system. I wish I’d started naturopathic treatment  with Dr. Cain years ago! Patient NK

I recommend Dr. Cain with glowing praise for any acupuncture you may need or desire. Her acupuncture is the sneakiest technique I’ve ever (barely) felt. On Dr. Cain’s table I am able to relax more deeply. Most recently, I saw her for an unusually violent, nauseating migraine. I didn’t realize she’d started treatment until I already had half a dozen needles in! A short while later  – to my absolute surprise – the migraine was completely gone. It just evaporated without any lingering side effects, auras, or sensitivity. I actually enjoyed the treatment. This is a level of skill I haven’t experienced anywhere else, even with practitioners with decades of experience. I had a year of weekly acupuncture treatments elsewhere from various student practitioners while I was a massage student. I’ve also experienced dozens of professional acupuncture treatments. None of them were as painless as Dr. Cain’s technique. You have to experience it to believe it. She’s just that good.” – Patient AM

I went to see Dr. Cain several years ago because I was very depressed, confused, desperate and lost. Dr. Cain is the most patient, kind, compassionate and nonjudgmental doctor I have ever encountered in 56 years. We did a very comprehensive and detailed intake, and she prescribed me a personalized treatment. I noticed improvement very quickly – my turnaround was almost instant, I felt significantly better within a week’s time. I am now more confident, happy, and am on the way to finding myself again. I would highly recommend Dr. Cain to anyone. – Patient BD

Dr. Cain is an astute doctor of mental health, but she also excels at treating acute illnesses! I used to get sinus infections every year, and typically they last weeks despite loads of antibiotics. I got a sinus infection just after starting with Dr. Cain- she promptly prescribed me a remedy, and I woke up the next morning completely better! I haven’t had an infection since. I will never go to anyone else, Dr. Cain is a great doctor, and I recommend her to everyone I know! – Patient JC

“Dr. Cain is one of the best doctors that I have ever known in my life. This is saying a lot since I happen to know a lot of doctors due to my work (I’m in healthcare!) and my family. I can say these things because I have observed Dr. Nicole Cain’s work in treating me and several of my family members– with great success. I have been amazed at how a board certified Naturopathic Physician (ND) is able to treat their conditions more effectively and quickly than their (now former) medical doctor (MD). Myself, and my family are now referring friends and family to her. Dr. Cain is a rare combination of a sharp scientific mind, and an amazing empathic healer. Having a background in counseling helps this. Dr. Cain is one of a kind. She is determined to get her patients well, and does not just offer palliative measures– she gets at the root cause and treats it effectively using a variety of modalities- but she is particularly skilled at homeopathy. Dr. Cain is rare because she takes time to get to know her patients and uses critical thinking skills to find the correct diagnosis and best treatment available.  I give her my highest recommendation. I would send anyone I know to her.” – Patient NK

Physician Reports of Dr . Cain

“I have known Dr. Cain since 2006. Through our interactions on a personal level, I have found her to exhibit strong qualities for success as a physician. Her friendly personality and strong analytical skills combine to create both a welcoming environment and a focus on quality service delivery. This is only strengthened through her counseling and psychology background. It is an honor to recommend Dr. Cain, and I feel she will continuously serve as a dynamic physician and advocate.” – Dr. Livengood

“Dr. Cain is a very competent, intelligent, caring, safe physician who puts her heart into every interaction. She is very successful in helping her patients regain health and vitality.” – Dr. Hassberger

“Dr. Nicole Cain is a great doctor that is detailed oriented and a wonderful listener. She has compassion for her patients and is very dedicated to helping them improve their health. She is very skilled in the modality of Homeopathy, with a focus on mental health. More importantly, she is a brilliant Naturopathic Physician. I highly recommend her as a colleague to work with and as a primary care physician to patients.”
Dr. Rezaie

“Dr. Nicole is an excellent, compassionate doctor. She is thorough, intuitive, and very intelligent.” – Dr. Deville

“Dr. Nicole is an excellent physician who takes her time with patients to properly manage their concerns. She provides a wide array of therapies and treatment protocols.” – Dr. Kopcio

“Dr. Cain is a dedicated physician with a deep commitment to quality patient care and true compassion for people.” – Dr. B. Cain

“Dr. Nicole is a caring, compassionate and well rounded doctor with a strong base in homeopathy.” – Dr. Maddox

“Nicole is a caring, compassionate physician with a great command of mental health, homeopathy and natural therapeutics.” – Student, Jason

“Dr. Nicole is smart as a whip, and with a heart of gold. One of my favorite students! She is as diligent and determined to help that you are likely to find.” – Dr. Kirschner

“Dr. Nicole has a tremendous passion for healing her patients. Her extensive background in mental health brings a true mind body connection to her treatments that each and every patient will experience.” – Dr. Taylor

“Dr. Nicole is an intelligent, personable, and dedicated doctor who is passionate about helping her patients get better.” – Dr. Udell