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Understanding your CMP Blood Test

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Dr. Nicole Cain, NMD, MA
“My doctor said that my labs were all normal, but when I looked at them for myself I saw that all of my liver enzymes were on the upper range. I did not want to wait around until my liver enzymes were high enough to be abnormal, to do something. So I was proactive with my health, made some changes, and the next time I had my blood test done, they were right where they should be! I’m so glad I had a resource to help me understand my labs, I can’t imagine where I’d be now had I not taken my health into my own hands.”
The Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) test is one of the most common blood test run by doctors. In fact it is recommended that you get your CMP done every year. A CMP test offers powerful information about your liver and kidney health as well as provides information about your electrolytes and blood sugar levels.
This book offers concise, easy to understand explanations of your CBC blood work.
• Are you tired of not understanding what your lab results mean?
• Do you ever feel like your doctors are not explaining your results to you in words that you understand?
• Would you like to know how information on your tests relates to your health?
• Would you like to understand how to optimize your body’s health instead of being “in the reference range?”
If you said “yes” to any of the above questions, than this book is for you!
Become empowered in your health again!
Feel Better. Live Better. Be Better.


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