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"These were recommended to me by my daughter-in-law several years ago. This bundle has been a mainstay for me ever since. Any anxiety is quickly resolved after only minutes. As an effective herbal calmative, I find it superior to many other similar products. Metagenics is unprecedented in providing a variety of effective products. A company I've learned to trust and recommend highly."



"Has been a huge help with my crippling anxiety. I had been missing at least one day of work per week due to panic attacks (and still experienced panic attacks while at work, some days) and woke up shaking every morning. This went on for months and a co-worker recommended this supplement to me. I've since managed to get myself back to driving on the freeway (something I was incapable of doing previously) and have found that this also helps with my migraines and stiff neck. Highly recommend at least giving it a try if you've experienced severe anxiety problems."


Having the resources to access calm-on-command is essential and we’ve got you covered. Our Calm-On-Command bundle is designed to promote calm and relaxation without the all the brain-fog-inducing side effects. This product contains a proprietary blend of taurine and inositol, which support GABA and reduces anxiety, magnesium which is the number one most important mineral in our bodies and is often depleted in states of anxiety, as well as several key b-vitamins for optimal brain health.


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