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"The best supplements out there without all the junk and additives. My brain fog is better, fatigue is a lot less, and emotionally I'm seeing a LOT of improvements!"

"This product was recommended to me by my sleep clinic and it is a good quality omega 3, I'm sleeping better and my hot flashes aren't keeping me awake. I love this product and I am so grateful to have found it! I also had my lipid profile checked in October and everything was out of normal range, I started this bundle and when I had my lipid profile rechecked again, and not even 2 months of taking these pills, I have seen a big change in my numbers already!!!!! I will continue to take these pills to avoid taking statins. I couldn't be happier!!!!! Thank you!"


Everything you need sent straight to your doorstep. The Anxiety Breakthrough Wellness Bundle contains the optimal dosages and the best forms of physician-grade vitamins and minerals that will catapult the healing process. This bundle is super charged with COQ10 to counteract the effects of medications, improve energy, and promote healing of anxiety and depression, and omega-3-fatty acids to reduce inflammation and restore balance to the tissues of the brain. One of my favorite parts of this bundle is that it contains ingredients designed to promote cognitive health and stop anxiety in its tracks.

Hand-picked from best-of-the-best, physician-grade nutrients, the benefits can be boiled down into the 3 R’s: Replace, renew, and regenerate. This will offer you better energy, better results, and a better life. 

  • Replace: Nutrient depletion in our food-sources, as a side effect of medications and a demanding lifestyle results in greater stress on your mind and body. You deserve a high-quality alternative to ensure that you are receiving the minerals and nutrients you need to thrive. 
  • Renew: By receiving the nutrients it needs, your body will have tools to renew and heal, 
  • Regenerate: Research has shown that the brain has an amazing capacity to heal when given the right tools. 



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Content: PhytoMulti Capsules (60 capsules); CoQ10 ST-100 (60 capsules); OmegaGenics Neuro 1000 (60 softgels).

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Omegagenics Neuro 1000 Nutrition Facts: