The 5F Freedom Energy Bundle

The 5F Freedom Energy Bundle consists of carefully formulated nutrients and Ayurvedic herbs designed to support healthy tissue maintenance, sustain energy levels, increase digestive action, and reduce the effects of stress on the brain and body.


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5F Freedom Energy Bundle is ideal for anyone who:

  • Is looking for additional muscular support
  • Desires increased energy levels
  • Struggles to keep up mentally or physically with the demands of life
  • Is concerned about strengthening their immune system
  • Has accumulated stress from a busy lifestyle and poor diet
  • Is “wired and tired”
  • Experiences anxiety, poor concentration, or memory loss
  • Desires to enliven their body and increase longevity
  • Wishes to strengthen digestive organ activity



Why 5F Freedom Energy Bundle?

  • Ingredients are hand-picked by integrative mental health expert, Dr. Nicole Cain who has over a decade of experience helping clients find greater health by addressing the root causes of symptoms.
  • Formulated to provide immediate, pharmaceutical-grade support at the cellular level for body organs and tissues, energy production, and inflammatory responses.
  • Features potent cutting-edge ingredients in forms and combinations that facilitate optimal results in nutrient metabolization and mental clarity. 

5F Freedom Energy Bundle: Your Go-To for Physical and Mental Rejuvenation

You have things to do and places to go, and you need the energy and mental capacity to make it happen. We know how important it is to feel in control of your health, so we wanted to provide you with a product that puts you in the driver seat of life with a full tank of gas and a fully charged battery. Are you ready to experience a greater quality of life with these high-quality, proven ingredients?

Every ingredient in 5F Freedom Energy Bundle was selected based on the latest research in brain science and aims to get you the results you need: Support for heightened energy, improved immune function, increased stress tolerance, greater mental clarity, and enhanced digestion and nutrient metabolization. 

When you are under extended periods of stress, your body can become depleted of the ingredients it needs for you to function optimally. Greater demand means you need more support. Think of it this way: If you are running a marathon, your body is going to need more calories in order to keep up with the demand from your body. Similarly, if you’ve been under a lot of stress your brain is going to struggle to keep up if you aren’t compensating for it’s extra hard work it’s doing for you. Over time this may result in brain fog, fatigue, poor concentration, depression, anxiety, forgetfulness, and a lack of creativity. 



Q: Does this product contain caffeine?

No, this product does not contain caffeine. 

Q: How do I take the 5F Freedom Energy Bundle? 

A: Simply take 5F Freedom Energy Bundle as directed on the labels.

Mitochondrial NRG: 30 servings- dose 2 caps with breakfast, 2 with lunch

Adrenotone: 30 servings- dose 2 caps with breakfast, 1 with lunch


Q: Does this product contain gluten or dairy?

A: This product is Vegetarian-friendly, and contains No Gluten or Dairy.


Q: Can I take 5F Freedom Energy Bundle with other supplements from Dr. Cain’s store?

A: While we always advise you speak with your healthcare provider if you have any concerns before starting any new supplements, 5F Freedom Energy Bundle is generally safe to be taken alongside the other supplements in our store. In particular, we love to pair 5F Freedom Energy Bundle with the Anxiety Breakthrough Wellness Bundle. 


Q: Is it safe for children to use the 5F Freedom Energy Bundle?

A: In order to get your child the best results, talk with their pediatrician about the 5F Freedom Energy Bundle. That way, your child’s individual needs will be considered along with their age, medical history, weight, and current medications and supplements.


Q: Can I take the 5F Freedom Energy Bundle while I’m pregnant or nursing?

A: We strongly encourage you to speak with your healthcare provider before starting any new supplements or health protocols if you are pregnant or nursing.

9 reviews for The 5F Freedom Energy Bundle

  1. Jennifer Cordello (verified owner)

    This works really well. I’ve noticed more energy and better performance at the gym. Take fewer capsules or earlier in the day if you get insomnia because this is energizing.

  2. Stacey Chapman (verified owner)

    I feel a ton more energized when I take these. I’m in my thirties and I’m very active with two kids! It’s a challenge keeping up with them and all the other life things!

  3. Cassie Placeman (verified owner)

    My health is up to me and me alone. I try to be mindful of what I eat and what medications and supplements take and my body responds accordingly. It’s not what you take – it’s what you take in. Your health matters more than anything and I sincerely wish I had embraced this mentality much sooner. Be well and please choose life!!!

  4. Susan Shepard (verified owner)

    Within 3 days of taking it I noticed I was thinking clearer, it was as if a veil had been lifted. My word recollection also improved by 60-65%

  5. Alexa Gonzalez (verified owner)

    I started taking this supplement and after the 4th day I felt like I had my life back… no more brain fog, pain or sore muscles, sleeping better at night, and better energy in the day.

  6. Jeffrey Mooney (verified owner)

    I’ve bought my share of supplements over the years. Many do not work and cheaper is not always better. Cheapter probably means it has more fillers in it. This one does work and yes you pay for it. But, as you feel better you may be able to reduce other redundant supplements and just use this one. Also, I would not just take this, add it to a multivitamin because these are very specific ingredients for energy. If you don’t have problems with energy, don’t take it. If you are on several medications, ask the doctor first.

  7. Stella Garmin (verified owner)

    After taking the bundle for 10 days I noticed increased energy which allows me to be more physical which produces even more energy.

  8. Devin Cole (verified owner)

    Designs for Health is a quality brand and so you pay upwards of $70 per bottle. I have ordered this bundle 5 times. Outcome is always the same, and I feel better. Ingredients don’t upset the stomach, and you don’t get too wired. Lots of B vitamins so yes your pee will be neon yellow. Every time I stop taking this bundle and start back up again I start to notice a difference within 2-3 days. If it has any impact on sleep, just take it in the morning and not after noon. If you suffer from fatigue this product will help. It has a lot of the necessary mitochondria supporting ingredients in it that are backed by research.

  9. Alexandria Lopez (verified owner)

    This product was recommended by my naturopathic doctor to improve my mood and energy and it has been a blessing in my life. It has given me new energy, lessened my depression and helped me in making better food choices. It has an array of B vitamins, magnesium, herbs and a few other elements.

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Meet the specialized ingredients in the 5F Freedom Energy Bundle!


Mitochondrial NRG by Designs for Health: Brain boosting goodness to add that spark back into your life!

  • Supports making neurotransmitters (B-vitamins, magnesium)
  • Increasing efficiency of brain signaling (L-Carnitine, COQ10, Alpha Lipoic Acid)
  • Reduces inflammation to protect brain health (Curcuminoid Powder)


Adrenotone by Designs for Health: The herbal formula that keeps on giving!

  • Eleutherococcus (siberian ginseng): Increases energy, improves stress response, improves memory, focus, and concentration. (Eleutherococcus research). 
  • American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius): Protective against the effects of stress, improves physical and mental performance, energizing, and balances dopamine. (Quinquefolius research).
  • Ashwagandha (Withania): Relaxing, supports regular sleep, buffers effects of stress, boosts libido, anti-aging, improves memory, concentration, and strength. (Withania research).
  • Rhodiola: Improves physical endurance, balances nervous system, energizes, lifts depression, great for the gut, supports longevity, and endurance and is antiinflammatory. (Rhodiola research).
  • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine: Supports dopamine, protects against effects of stress, improves concentration, memory, energy, cognitive performance, supports mood, enhances creativity (N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine research).

Glycyrrhiza (licorice): Balances cortisol, rejuvenating, lifts the mood, improves health of mind and body including hair, skin, nails, heart health, respiratory health and even improves the health of your endocrine (hormone) system. (Glycyrrhiza research).


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