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"It took about 6 days but my energy has vastly improved and my muscle pain is almost gone. I didn't take it for two days and noticed immediately in my energy levels. Easy~fast~efficient~couldn’t have been better!!"



"I've been tested as having very low adrenaline levels and was prescribed this supplement by a holistic doctor. I used to get a kind of rush of a feeling of anxiety sometimes, usually late in the afternoon, and since taking this I don't get that. Had I not had my blood tested and been prescribed this, I never would have made the connection with that 'anxious' sensation and would just have lived with it. This product took care of that."




Let’s face it. Healing can be exhausting work, and sometimes we need a little pick-me-up to keep us energized and motivated. This is why I have put together the 5F Freedom Energy Bundle. This blend will be most effective taken in the morning away from food by at least one hour, and with regular use. Composed of a proprietary blend of botanicals and vitamins, this blend aims to improve energy, resilience to stress, motivation and clarity of sleeping.


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  • 30 Servings – MitoVive
  • 60 Tablets – Exhilarin
  • Great for your health
  • Easy to take
  • Energizing & motivating

Nutrition Facts for Motivive:

Nutrition facts for Exhilarin: