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The Gut Psychology Program Book

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Gut Psychology in a Snapshot:

1. Gut Psychology is the most highly researched comprehensive dietary program for mental and emotional health.

2. Gut Psychology was created by a physician who has over a decade in the mental health field.

3. Gut Psychology offers a step-by-step one month module, which is broken down into 4 easy weeks. It includes a variety of topics pertaining to diet, and it includes education, quizzes, homework, and journaling exercises.

4. Purchase of the program includes a fifteen minute consultation with a physician who will customize supplement recommendations for promoting gut health.

5. VIP access to Dr. Nicole’s supplement database where you can select from hundreds of different supplements at discounted rates.


Gut Psychology includes 4 Powerful Modules that will lead you to a healthier digestive system and a happier mind.

There are four modules in this book, and one week is assigned to each.

I have found this method of delivery is ideal in allowing the body to adjust to the healthy changes you are making, and giving you time time to think about and better understand the recommendations herein and how you may apply them to your life.

Module 1: Decoding Labels & Cutting Out The Garbage.
This module aims to explain how to read nutrition labels, provide explanations for “vocabulary words” and …

Module 2: Proteins; Expanding Your Palate from Chicken & Cheese
We cover healthy proteins. This follows the Naturopathic Principal of “giving the body what it needs.”

Module 3: The Truth About Fats, Oils & Carbohydrates
We go over fat, oil and carbohydrates. This follows the Naturopathic Principal of “giving the body what it needs.”

Module 4: Give Me Some Fruits & Veggies!
This module contains high yield information on the types, amounts, and facts about fruits, veggies and your mental health.


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