Brain Power

Brain Power consists of hand-picked nutrients designed to optimize the health of your brain, prevent and reverse brain aging, repair your brain from injury, and stimulate new brain cell formation.

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Brain Power is ideal for anyone who:

  • Is a high-performer and is looking to enhance mental power and acuity 
  • Has a high cognitively demanding lifestyle
  • Is seeking anti-aging and longevity brain support 
  • Is struggling with brain fog, forgetfulness, or memory issues
  • Is concerned about mental decline
  • Wishes to improve sluggish mental processing
  • Has experienced trauma or damage to the brain 
  • Struggles with side effects from drugs or medications
  • Has tried other brain health supplements without success



Why Brain Power?

  • Ingredients are hand-picked by integrative mental health expert, Dr. Nicole Cain who has over a decade of experience in brain health recovery
  • Formulated to provide immediate, pharmaceutical-grade support for optimal brain healing
  • Features potent cutting-edge ingredients in forms and combinations that facilitate optimal results 

Brain Power: Your Go-To for Improved Memory, Concentration & Focus

Your brain is one of the most important parts of your body we’re here to make sure that you have everything you need to have the healthiest, and most powerful brain possible so that you can live your life at its fullest. When creating a product that boosts brain performance in a way that surpasses all of the others on the market, we needed pharmaceutical-grade ingredients that were backed by science, and we nailed it. 

Every ingredient in Brain Power was selected based on the latest research in brain science and aims to get you the results you need: Improved focus, concentration, brain regeneration, and even healing of the brain from the effects of trauma, damage, and disease. 

Brain Power supplement is the perfect way to give your brain exactly what it needs in an easy-to-swallow pill so that is an all-in-one solution for everything your brain needs. 

Finally, a cost-effective solution that gets results and will help you win in the battle against brain related symptoms.

When you are under extended periods of stress, your body can become depleted of the ingredients it needs for you to function optimally. Greater demand, means you need more support. Think of it this way: If you are running a marathon, your body is going to need more calories in order to keep up with the demand from your body. Similarly, if you’ve been under a lot of stress your brain is going to struggle to keep up if you aren’t compensating for it’s extra hard work it’s doing for you. Over time this may result in brain fog, fatigue, poor concentration, depression, anxiety, forgetfulness, and a lack of creativity. 

Life’s demands can drain your brain of its reserves of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). BDNF is one of the most important proteins in brain health and longevity. It is difficult to increase BDNF with diet alone and this is why we included ingredients that are clinically proven to increase BDNF. This protein stimulates brain regeneration, growth and repair of neurons, and strongly influences mood, memory, and even impacts sleep. Levels of BDNF can be measured in the blood, and research has shown that it can decline with aging, from chronic stress, and from insufficient nutrient intake (118). This may result in brain related diseases, difficulties in formation of or retrieval of memories, greater side effects from medications, depression, anxiety, sleeping issues, and premature brain degeneration (119).  

Meet the 6 proven ingredients in Brain Power:


First we need to support the membranes surrounding the cells of your brain

Every single cell in your brain is covered by a membrane that is composed of phospholipids. As such, phospholipids are crucial in the function of your brain. There are two main forms of phospholipids: Phosphatidylserine, and phosphatidylcholine. Citicholine or CDP-choline, found in Brain Power, is a substance found in every single cell of your body and is absolutely necessary in brain health. Studies have shown that citicoline is one of the best ingredients in supporting a healthy brain, and the form of this ingredient matters. Some supplements contain forms of citicoline that are not absorbed, but Brain Power has a patented form of citicoline called Cognizin which is broken down into two parts: Choline which is able to cross the blood brain barrier (BBB) and is used to form phosphatidylcholine, one of the key ingredients of your brain’s membrane. The second part is cytidine, which is a highly absorbable compound that is significantly beneficial to brain tissue maintenance over long term supplementation (57, 60, 63, 59, 61, 65).

The secondary ingredient for ensuring optimal concentrations of your phosphatidylcholine levels is glycerophosphocholine (GPC). GPC is a form of choline that is able to efficiently cross your blood brain barrier and actually go inside of the neurons in your brain. Inside of these neurons, GPC is used by your neurons to make phosphatidylcholine and acetylcholine. 


Next we need to increase your levels of brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF)

Remember, BDNF has been proven to be one of the most important proteins in brain health and longevity. If you are looking for better brain recovery, optimal brain performance, and to prevent neurodegenerative diseases, BDNF should be a part of your protocol. There are a lot of supplements out there claiming to increase BDNF but the most clinically researched ingredient is the extract of the whole coffee cherry. The fleshy cherry surrounding the coffee bean does not contain caffeine like the coffee bean, and has been clinically proven to substantially increase BDNF and raise blood levels of BDNF by 206%! This massive increase in BDNF was not seen in study participants consuming coffee, grape seed extract, chlorogenic acid, or other ingredients. This attests to the unique power of coffee fruit concentrate in its ability to skyrocket your BDNF levels (118, 119).


Our next step is to energize your brain cells:

Your brain’s #1 form of energy comes from acetylcholine (Ach), which is produced in the mitochondria of your brain cells. When your brain is processing complex tasks, forming and retrieving memories, concentrating, analyzing data, and recovering from trauma, toxicity, and damage, it uses Ach as fuel. Just like your car needs spark plugs to ignite the power of your engine, Ach ignites the power of your brain. Signs that your brain is not getting enough Ach include: Feeling mentally drained, struggling with poor sleep, memory, focus, concentration, forgetfulness, and even symptoms of depression, anxiety, and sleeping issues. The most clinically proven source of Ach comes from a nutrient called acetyl-l-carnitine (ALCAR). ALCAR will give your brain the power it needs, as well as reverse age-related decline in your brain’s mitochondria, stabilize brain membrane health, and improve your brain’s performance (93, 120, 121).

The next objective is to boost neurological signaling:

If you’re looking to increase your cognitive or even physical performance, you’re going to want to take products that boost neurological signaling. Think of neurological signaling in terms of a network of wires and houses interconnecting throughout your brain and body. Part of how your brain works is to send and receive these messages so you have the ability to interact with and respond to your environment. The better the signaling, the faster you will be able to respond. Earlier we learned that there are two main forms of phospholipids: Phosphatidylserine (PS), and phosphatidylcholine. As one of the most important nutrients in brain health, PS has three neurological signaling super powers. First, it enhances the speed of neurological transmission which means you think faster and with greater clarity. Second, it counteracts the effects of the stress hormone, cortisol. This helps protect you from damage caused to the brain from chronic stress and keeps your brain in tip-top-shape. Lastly, PS balances neurotransmitter levels, which results in balancing of mood and improvement of sleep. 


The last step is to improve microcirculation to the brain cells: 

A healthy brain is a brain that has an ample supply of nourishing blood. Blood carries nutrients and fresh oxygen to the brain, and removes toxins, inflammation, and waste from the cells of your brain. Ginkgo biloba has been lauded in the research community for its ability to enhance microcirculation to the brain, nourish the brain cells, improve memory in both young and older adults, improve focus, memory, concentration, cognitive processing, balance neurotransmitter levels of serotonin, cortisol, and catecholamines (epinephrine and norepinephrine), and protect the brain from stress-induced neuronal death (130, 131, 132,125, 123, 124, 127, 129).

When studied individually, the Brain Power ingredients have been shown to: 

  1. Support the function and health of your brain
    1. It supports mitochondrial function (61, 63, 65, 71)
    2. Supports focus and attention (60, 66, 67, 69)
    3. Helps to reduce mistakes while doing tasks (67, 69)
    4. Improves memory and general mental function (72, 75, 112)
    5. Improves reaction time (51, 52)
    6. Improves sleep patterns (85)
    7. Enhances number of brain cells even with aging (49)
    8. Increases Ach receptors in the brain (50)
    9. Improves EEG brain wave patterns by lowering delta waves (20)
  2. Repairs the brain and neurons and supports brain healing and recovery
    1. Supports brain DNA synthesis and repair (57, 60, 63)
    2. Improves brain recovery from injury or damage (5,6, 7, 56, 39)
    3. Increases recovery from stroke (78)
    4. Repairs blood brain barrier tissue (33)
    5. Supports myelin repair (1)
    6. Protects the structures of the neurons from free radical damage (63)
    7. Improves survival and proliferation of neurons (112)
    8. Increases speed of healing of nerves and prevents nerve function loss (86)
  3. Energizes the brain and balances neurotransmitters to support and enhance mood
    1. Boosts Ach production (22, 23)
    2. Compensates for Ach decline (1, 54)
    3. Compensates for aging to brain from estrogen deficiency (41)
    4. Counteracts the side effects from birth control or hormone replacement therapy (41)
    5. Relieves depression (76, 77, 108)
    6. Energizes the brain (76, 77, 108)
    7. Increases production of dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine, and GABA (18, 30, 60, 61, 63, 70, 71)
    8. Relieves symptoms of ADHD (114)
    9. Lifts seasonal affective disorder (112)
    10. Reduces cortisol and protects against the effects of cortisol (111)
  4. Improves muscle function, testosterone production, and growth hormone levels
    1. Boosts anti-aging growth hormone production (8, 27, 28, 55)
    2. Increases fat oxidation (55)
    3. Improves muscle strength (26, 28)
    4. Improves reflexes and reaction time (51, 52)
  5. Is potentially synergistic with pharmaceutical drugs
    1. While we always encourage you to talk with your doctor before starting any new supplemental, or health regimen, Brain Power is not likely to interfere with psychiatric pharmaceutical drugs.
    2. Brain Power may actually enhance pharmaceutical drug benefits. Here are examples how:
      1. GPC and citicoline may enhance drug actions by increasing availability of Ach brain energy. 
      2. GPC, citicoline, ginkgo may enhance dopamine, serotonin or GABA production in the brain, and may enhance the activity of medications that act on these neurochemicals.
      3. By improving the health of the neuronal membrane, GPC, citicoline and PS may enhance neurotransmitter receptor function, thus improving the effectiveness of the psychiatric drugs.





Q: Does this product contain caffeine?

This product has an extremely small amount of caffeine. Specifically, this coffee fruit concentrate contains only 0.7% caffeine, which translates into 0.7mg per 100mg dose. This is compared to a cup of green tea, which has 15-30 mg of caffeine, or an 8 oz cup of coffee has 95 mg of caffeine.


Q: How do I take Brain Power? 

A: Simply take Brain Power as directed on the label, 2 capsules each morning with food.


Q: Does this product contain gluten or dairy?

A: This product is Vegetarian-friendly, and contains No Gluten or Dairy.


Q: Can I take Brain Power with other supplements from Dr. Cain’s store?

A: While we always advise you speak with your healthcare provider if you have any concerns before starting any new supplements, Brain Power is generally safe to be taken alongside the other supplements in our store. In particular, we love to pair Brain Power with the Anxiety Breakthrough Wellness Bundle. 


Q: Is it safe for children to use Brain Power?

A: In order to get your child the best results, talk with their pediatrician about Brain Power. That way, your child’s individual needs will be considered along with their age, medical history, weight, and current medications and supplements.


Q: Can I take Brain Power while I’m pregnant or nursing?

A: We strongly encourage you to speak with your healthcare provider before starting any new supplements or health protocols if you are pregnant or nursing.



18 reviews for Brain Power

  1. Andy Vox (verified owner)

    “After months of adjusting my medications and supplements I finally was able to come up with a cognitive supplement combo that worked very well for me. I love being able to get this from Dr. Cain directly because I have had such bad experiences with other big retailers. Dr. Cain’s staff has been incredibly helpful and gives such a nice personal benefit to ordering a supplement online.”

  2. Chase Visine (verified owner)

    “I’m a medical student and needed something to help with memory and concentration. I started Brain Boost last semester and my grades this semester are so much better! I’m planning to keep taking this throughout the rest of school.”

  3. Sandy Fog (verified owner)

    “I’ve been taking antidepressants for years and my main side effect is that I feel like my brain is dull and sluggish. My naturopath recommended this product and it’s making a huge difference. I even feel like my medication is working better, which is a huge plus.”

  4. Phyllis Green (verified owner)

    I like how clear thinking I am when I take this product.

  5. Bradley Price (verified owner)

    This is the best memory supplement on the market. I noticed a difference right away.

  6. Valerie Mack (verified owner)

    I’m an athlete and was looking for an option to improve my response time and this product has been super helpful for me.

  7. Karen Folds (verified owner)

    Initially I was worried that this product would be too stimulating, but it actually helps my anxiety! I feel like my body is less stressed and my brain is working way better.

  8. Eddy Taylor (verified owner)

    I take this with the anxiety breakthrough bundle and it’s been a life saver! I have struggled with severe depression and anxiety my entire life, and have never thought I was smart. I always struggled in school and didn’t realize it wasn’t my fault. I’ve tried tons of different medications and supplements and feel like I’ve finally found the right combination. My anxiety is much better, I’m much less depressed and my sleep is better.

  9. Peyton Durham (verified owner)

    Give this product 2-3 months and you’ll notice a huge difference. My concentration is better and I feel like I have more “energy” in my brain. It helps me feel more clear without causing anxiety.

  10. Ashleigh Harrison (verified owner)

    I feel like this product is helping me maintain my mental clarity.

  11. David Smith (verified owner)

    After a few months my mental clarity is noticeably improved.

  12. Brooke VandenBerg (verified owner)

    My primary physician recommended this product because I was struggling with brain fog on my medications. I was skeptical at the beginning but after a few weeks it really works! My recall of facts is better and my brain fog is much better.

  13. Bob Hadley (verified owner)

    My sister told me to try this product because we have a family history of Alzheimer’s disease. I love how I feel taking it. I didn’t realize how much more clear my brain could be and my mood is better, too.

  14. Lexi Nelson (verified owner)

    I love Brain Power! I used to feel sluggish and tired and since taking it I feel like my brain is faster and I’m much more energized.

  15. Hannah Lenard (verified owner)

    My job requires concentration for extended periods of time and this product makes a huge difference.

  16. Javier Martinez (verified owner)

    My doctor recommended Brain Power three months ago and it’s making a huge difference in my memory. My recollection of events early in my life is better, and I’m also noticing I don’t forget things as easily. For example, I used to walk into a room and totally forget why I was in there and that’s not happening anymore.

  17. Judy Morgan

    I have had really good really productive work days since I started taking Brain Power. I’m getting a lot of work done for the first time in a long time. I can focus and my brain feels energized and balanced. I feel good.

  18. Jeremy, Bipolar Disorder Diagnosis, Charleston, SC (verified owner)

    I love the Brain Power. I took Brain Power Sat, Sun, and today and I love it. I feel alert, can focus, can recall things easier without being over-stimulated

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