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Holistic Inner Balance

Natural Mental Health Podcast

Merging modern science with ancient wisdom, this podcast is your go-to resource for natural mental health and wellness strategies to become the expert of your own emotional and physical wellbeing.

With Dr. Nicole Cain’s expertise in clinical psychology and natural mental health, and cohost, Happy Healthy Hadlee’s, zone of genius in Ayurveda and building healthy habits, they offer a unique take on mental health with every episode.

The heart of this podcast is to teach you how to be your own natural mental health expert (although there may be dabbling in other topics as well), to uncover, discover and come back to your truest self. You can expect these conversations to be filled with fun and laughter, while shedding light on the amazing wisdom at our fingertips. ⁠

Meet the Hosts

Hadlee and Cain

Dr. Nicole Cain, ND MA is a licensed naturopathic doctor with a master’s in clinical psychology. She is a nationally renowned expert in natural mental health, helping people transform their mental health naturally by uncovering the root cause. She has been published by Salon Magazine, Well + Good, Psychology Today, quoted in Forbes and more! 

Happy Healthy Hadlee is an ayurvedic expert, academic, healer and her mission is to teach people how to transform their habits, health, bodies, energy, confidence, and all of the other things in order to lead less stressed and more joyful lives.

Past Podcast Episodes

Mental Health in Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurial mental health is the name of the game, and can often be the tipping-point in which businesses thrive and which businesses fail. Generally, business success resides in four key principles: Your mental health, economic aptitude, opportunities and persistence. Today

How to Set Boundaries for Anxiety Relief

Q: Could you give us an overview of what anxiety is? A: Anxiety is the body’s natural response to stress. It can be a feeling of tension in the body, like tight muscles, heaviness on the chest, a lump in

supplements, herbs and homeopathy

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