Mental Health Facts or Clickbait? How What You Read Has the Potential to Change Your Life

By Dr. Nicole Cain ND, MA


Andy and Aaron are two brothers who started their careers as Certified Public Accountants for a global accounting firm before discovering their passion for health. After personally experiencing the shortfalls of the current health care system and discovering the power of preventative care, Andy and Aaron decided to use their investigative expertise as financial statement auditors to apply those skills to health news.

Seeing the massive amount of health information out there (with social media, news headlines, etc.) with seemingly contradicting claims, they decided to start Health Hackd, a health new outlet and podcast that cuts straight to the facts with no clickbait or fads, in a way that is easy to understand and entertaining.

Andy and Aaron enjoy CrossFit, disc golf, cooking, reading, traveling, and spending time with their wives.

Health Hackd is a weekly newsletter that compiles the latest research on nutrition, fitness, mental health and other lifestyle changes. They make it easily digestible for everyone, short, to the point and they even work in some humor! Health Hackd started as a podcast originally and they still do a weekly podcast to further explain the latest studies and research.

Here are tidbits of what we get into within the episode:

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I also had the pleasure of being interviewed on their podcast, listen to the episode where I share my integrative mental health knowledge with them!

This article is for educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. Whenever considering changing your protocol whether it includes a change of medications, supplements, diet or lifestyle, always speak with your primary care physician first.

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