Meet the

Management Team

Ashley Huber: Executive Director

Ashley Huber

I am the Executive Director for Dr. Nicole Cain in Scottsdale and Health for Life.  My roles are ever-evolving, and every day looks a little different! I oversee the office operations while efficiently handling client concerns, questions, and inquiries that can cover everything from insurance to individualized treatment plans. I strive to support and uplift my coworkers while ensuring our clients have an extraordinary, modern clinical experience.

My experience working for Dr. Nicole Cain in Scottsdale and Health for Life continues to teach me the importance of education. I am passionate about spreading the word of naturopathic education and trauma-informed care and making sure that our clients are getting the answers they so desperately desire and deserve.

Kayla Floyd: Administrative Specialist

Kayla Floyd

As your Administrative Specialist, it is my absolute joy and pleasure being your first contact with our office.  Along with Dr. Nicole Cain ND MA, I believe in our body’s innate ability to heal as well as overcome trauma with the correct tools and guidance. I am here to help you achieve comfort, healing, and the freedom that comes with accepting and acknowledging joy in your life. 

Some of the talent I have in supporting Dr. Nicole Cain ND MA and our clients lies at the core of my identity. I believe that every individual deserves unconditional acceptance, empathy, and love. I value your individuality and genuinely look forward to learning more about you so that I may assist you in your healing journey.

When I am not at the office, you will find me barefoot in my many gardens, loving on my toddler, or lost off-grid somewhere in the United States. 

From the time you call our office to schedule your first meeting, until you are checking out after, I am here to help answer your questions, put you at ease and make your relationship with our office as warm as possible. I care about you and I look forward to speaking with you. Welcome! 

Haylee Weber: Member Services Specialist

Haylee Weber

I have the pleasure of working on Dr. Nicole Cain ND MA’s administrative team. The roles I take on are diverse and always client-driven. My main responsibilities include scheduling, working with clients to make sure they receive educational materials and managing her online platform of educational content on integrative solutions to health. Outside of work, you’ll find me on a boat throughout the summer, on a snowboard throughout the winter, playing volleyball year-round, and spending time with my family as much as possible.

Through my years of people-focused positions, I have an understanding that no single person has the same story and finding what works can be a long and often difficult road. Your path to healing is important to finding happiness and balance in your life, we are here to help! Everyone deserves to feel like themselves, to have support in conquering the obstacles of life, and my hope is to bridge the gap between those.

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