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Get Ready For A New & Improved Medication Tapering Solution.

For a few years, I’ve heard that the Medication Tapering course we offer has been one of the most constructive assets in helping people build back the life they deserve! Knowing that, there’s always room to improve. We’re breaking the content up into multiple courses based on specific classes of medications so you can pick the course that is the best fit for your medication taper!

If you are looking to taper a benzodiazepine, Mapping Out Your Benzo Taper is available now!

If you are looking to taper other mental health medication, the best solution is joining the Holistic Wellness Collective Membership!

Learn More About Medication Tapering In The Holistic Wellness Collective:

Nearly all of our courses have been moved within the membership to make them more accessible to everyone. Click below to learn more!