How to Remove Obstacles to Healing Anxiety

By Dr. Nicole Cain ND, MA

This article is all about healing anxiety via removing the obstacles to healing from anxiety.

Ironically, one of the main obstacles to healing from anxiety is resistance to healing.

Let me share with you a story…

Mark struggles with panic and dissociation that gets activated when he is more than a mile away from his parents. Even though he is in his late 20’s, he can’t help the feelings of dread and uncertainty that arise as his distance from his parents increases. Mark has tried everything for his anxiety: Medications, therapy, hypnosis, exercise, dietary changes, and thousands of dollars in supplements.

“I don’t even know who I’d be if I wasn’t anxious.” Says Mark as he imagines life without anxiety. “I feel like I’d almost be losing a part of myself if my anxiety were to go away.”

If you’re struggling with stress, overwhelm, anxiety, or panic, and you have been “doing all of the right things” to no avail, it is likely that there is an obstacle to healing.

As Mark continued on his healing journey he made a startling discovery: Part of him was resistant to being free from anxiety. At times, the uncertainty of what it would be like without anxiety felt more terrifying than the anxiety did to begin with. It was not until Mark was able to work through this particular experience, that he felt ready to truly turn the page.

The Resisting Receiving exercise will walk you through the process of identifying your relationship towards healing.

Are you receiving or are you resisting?

Resisting versus Receiving:

Radical acknowledgment is all about receiving the moment for what it is and not resisting it. How do you know if you are resisting or receiving? As you practice the five steps towards radical acknowledgment, keep an eye on the way you are engaging in your homework.

Journaling Homework:

(1)   What do I need to let go of right now?

(2)   What worries or thoughts do I have that might be preventing me from acknowledging my story?

(3)   What does my body want me to know? What information is it sharing with me?

(4)   What is one thing I can do each day to create space to attend to my symptoms? (For example taking an extra 30 minutes at lunch, going for a walk, seeing a counselor, engaging in a mindfulness practice).

(5)   Who in my life is a good support for this process? Who can I talk with that is going to be able to hold me accountable as I practice receiving instead of resisting?

Remember, what you resist, will persist. The next time big feelings are coming up, I challenge you to ask yourself:

“Am I resisting or am I receiving?”

Be sure you are listening to the anxiety, hearing its message that deeper healing is needed. You can get your life back.

I’d love to give you a free gift: It’s called the Anxiety Wellness Springboard. You’ll get a free book that will teach you my favorite strategies for healing from anxiety.

Here’s to your next chapter <3


Dr. Nicole

This article is for educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice. Whenever considering changing your protocol whether it includes a change of medications, supplements, diet or lifestyle, always speak with your primary care physician first.

Dr. Nicole Cain is an advocate for empowering people around the world to help themselves via her educational free resources, online courses, and membership group. You can receive the tools you need to find the root cause of your symptoms and feel healthy again.