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Your symptoms are your saving grace. Your symptoms are your body’s way of telling you something is out of balance. It is a cry for help. I specialize in root cause analysis. What does that mean? We determine where your symptoms are coming from (the root cause) by utilizing specialty testing (analysis) and troubleshoot how we can put the body back into balance with the help of safe, natural and effective solutions.

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After a decade in the field of integrative mental health, I now find my work most needed as a Health Consultant to help you find the next step on your health journey. While I want to help everyone, I can only work with a select number of dedicated clients ready to revolutionize their understanding of health and put their plans into action.

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I do not work with any insurance companies. I work as a health consultant and so my services do not fall under the category of any type of medical or health care.

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My free resources are built to help you take action right now to find solutions you can put into action TODAY. The key to solving problems and mastering your physical and emotional health is learning to work WITH your anxiety instead of against it. Anxiety is a messenger, letting your body know when something is wrong. Our job is to learn how to process these messages. Let these resources be your guide for phase one of your healing!

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Learn about integrative and natural solutions to emotional, mental, and physical health. Join the thousands whose lives have been changed by the information-packed video courses. You can feel like yourself again, and my step-by-step video courses will teach you how. Each course includes a special e-book (not available elsewhere!).