Continuing Therapy During COVID-19

By Dr. Nicole Cain ND, MA
Mar 24, 2020
3:14 pm

Emotional wellness and continuing therapy are crucial during a time like this with so much uncertainty.

Connection is important during this time of social isolation, and since we can’t get social interaction face to face in person, using technology is a great way to stay connected with the ones you love, and your therapist!

Using VSEE, a HIPAA protected and super easy to use for video calls.

Here are the benefits of doing telecounseling for emotional wellness:

  1. Continuing the progress you’ve been making with your counselor and maintaining the relationship with someone who is helping you through other stuff.
  2. Avoid the disruption and keep the normalcy. Counseling during this time is something you can count on, something consistent.
  3. Waiting to process an event that is huge in many people’s lives, can actually make things more difficult later on. Actively processing it will change the way you experience the pandemic in the long term. More than ever we need relationships.
  4. 90% of the success of therapy is in the relationship, it’s having trust and support. Going to a therapist during this time is having that safe space and comfortable space that may not be there if you are talking to your friends or family.
  5. Insurance is covering telehealth visits making if affordable and accessible
  6. You can do your visits in the comfort of your home and in PJs!
  7. There is beauty in the stretch. This event is pushing everyone out of their comfort zones, but that lends to beautiful growth that can happen

There is this Japanese phenomenon where if there is a broken piece of pottery, there’s that stretch, there’s difficulty, there’s breaking, there’s fear, there’s financial losses, and they take the broken piece of pottery and glue them back together with gold and make a totally new and amazing piece of art. Right now we are experiencing this breaking, breaking down of what was and something new is going to be created, you can co-create that with your counselor.

As we walk into this journey together, there is going to be this unease, maybe from both ends that this is new but what a beautiful thing to learn together and feel like equals throughout this process. We are all figuring this out together in a collective effort.

There are options for getting the support you want or even need during this time.

You are not alone. We’ve got you.

You can find information on how to schedule with any of the wonderful clinicians at www.healthforlifegr.com or by calling 616-200-4433 to speak to someone about scheduling.

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