Sister, it's time to reclaim and reconnect with your beautiful, powerful and sensual femininity.

Enjoy a new understanding of what it means to be a sexually vibrant woman, honor your feminine body, and enjoy more fulfilling and deeper sexual connectivity.

Dr. Nicole Cain ND MA has helped countless women like you reclaim their sexuality and get back to the “high libido life”.

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"This course empowered me to honor my womanhood and my sexuality and to take back ownership over my own sexual autonomy. It also helped me reconnect to pleasure, both sexually and in other ways, and gave me permission to feel and enjoy life deeply and freely. Our society programs women to feel shame about their bodies and their sexuality, and this course was the catalyst that began my journey of deprogramming these negative loops that have been repeating my entire life. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to live a more free and enjoyable life."
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4 Video Modules

Each video module offers safe, personal, and effective tools to help you achieve the sexual freedom you have been longing for.

Downloadable eBook

Download our 40+ page e-book jam packed with tips and tricks on enhancing your libido.

Diet & Supplement Hacks

Get the best supplement recommendations that can be the key to increasing your drive.

About Dr. Nicole Cain ND MA

Dr. Nicole Cain, ND MA is the only Naturopathic Doctor that also has a Masters in Clinical Psychology with an expertise in integrative and natural solutions for anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, PTSD, Women’s Libido issues and other conditions. Unlike many doctors that take an integrative and more holistic approach, Dr. Nicole Cain is adamant about “getting to the root cause” of a person’s suffering.

About the Course...

Understand Your Feminine & Sexual Identity

Deconstruct obstacles to healthy sexual freedom and create a cognitive space that is passionate and exciting.

Create Your Bliss: Claim Feminine Gifts & Replace Shame With Honor

Your habits wire your brain, and your brain drives your body. Learn how to create a lifestyle that enhances sexual desirability.

Identity & Harness Variables That Elevate Sexual Excitement

It's time we take back those messages and re-define the spectrum and enhance the fullness within true womanhood.

Changing the Face of Feminine Sexuality

High Libido Life Mastery Course


Reclaim your Power as a Strong Woman

Rewire Your Brain For Optimal Sexual Health Via Diet & Supplements

Gain freedom from Shame, Fear, or Guilt surrounding sex