Stop feeling bloated and lethargic. Supercharge your energy and your health by focusing on your gut.

In this powerful course, learn the health hacks to get your gut to work for YOU. Imagine a life where you have MORE than enough energy to get through the day!

Watch the video to learn how Dr. Nicole Cain, ND, MA can transform your gut health, and help you take back your life. Overcome your mental health issues and reclaim your energy!

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“My turnaround was almost instant, I felt significantly better within a week’s time. I am now more confident, happy, and am on the way to finding myself again. Highly recommended!”

A Satisfied Customer

“My health has improved by leaps and bounds. I couldn’t be more happy.”

A Satisfied Customer

“Really thought I had it all figured out until my wife brought the Gut Psychology Program to my attention. I realized my mood swings were stemming from my off balance diet. Most of the things I thought were okay were actually the cause of some domestic disputes. Our diets are more in sync and so are our lives!”

A Satisfied Customer


4 Video Modules

In these videos, Dr. Nicole Cain, ND, MA outlines a clear plan for you to hack your diet, improve your mental health, and live every day with plenty of energy.

The Gut Psychology Book

With 60+ pages of research on the gut brain connection, Dr. Nicole Cain ND MA's Gut Psychology book is packed with tips to change your life

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About Dr. Nicole Cain ND MA

Dr. Nicole Cain, ND MA is the only Naturopathic Doctor that also has a Masters in Clinical Psychology with an expertise in integrative and natural solutions for anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, PTSD, Women’s Libido issues and other conditions. Unlike many doctors that take an integrative and more holistic approach, Dr. Nicole Cain is adamant about “getting to the root cause” of a person’s suffering.

About the Course...

Overcome Obstacles to Curing Your Symptoms

Take charge of your symptoms and reverse the cycle with natural, holistic lifestyle changes.

Learn About Fats, Oils, and Carbohydrates

Understanding food health seems complicated and overwhelming. This course makes it impossible to forget and easy to apply.

Get Rid of the Toxins Draining Your Energy

A healthy gut will give you an energy and glow you always dreamed of feeling. Imagine living every day with MORE THAN the energy you need!

Reclaim Your Health From the Inside Out Today

Gut Psychology Mastery Course


Get a clear plan to cleaning out the garbage in your gut

Learn how to use food to build your energy instead of struggling with it

Get our road map for staying on track with long-term, sustainable lifestyle changes