Send Anxiety Backstage & Play The Starring Role In Your Life

Without Addictive Drugs or Over-Investing in Time on a Clinician’s Couch

For less than the price of two private visits in one of my clinics, you get an initial face to face virtual session with me, 18 weeks of group coaching and support, access to our private Anxiety Warrior community, and another private follow up session – just you and me – to fine tune the second half of our work together. But the real win in using the ACT method is Anxiety Freedom. That’s my commitment to you. Here’s a peek into the modules we’ll do together.

  • 18 LIVE Group ACT Method Sessions
  • 2 one-on-one sessions with Dr. Nicole Cain
  • 3 Bonus mastery courses from Dr. Nicole Cain
  • An "Action Taker's Guarantee" to protect your investment.

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