Small Changes and Big Results for this Little Guy

By Dr. Nicole Cain
May 09, 2018
8:39 pm

This cute little guy came to my office suffering with terrible stomach pains, constipation, severe diaper rash, and he had dropped over two points on the growth chart for height and weight. We tested his food allergies and he started on a homeopathic remedy, some probiotics and a gentile digestive enzyme. Within a week his stomach pains were considerably better and the rash was gone. We got the food allergy test results which had some surprising findings, and mom and dad made changes to his diet. Only three weeks later he sat in my office pain free, rash gone, and his eyes were even brighter and more playful. He is growing again and his parents couldn’t be happier. ~Dr. Nicole Cain, ND MA

(Shared with permission)

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