Oppositional Defiant Disorder: Are you at your wit’s end parenting a difficult child?

By Dr. Nicole Cain
Mar 06, 2017
12:39 am

Dr. Cain was recently published in NDNR magazine! Read now by clicking HERE to get started on restoring peace in you and your child’s life.


From Dr. Cain: “Parents from across the nation are experiencing what I am calling an “anger epidemic” in today’s youth. Whether it’s general disobedience and tantrums, or the more severe behaviors involving harming self, others, and even property; we are seeing more and more children being medicated, and more caregivers at their wit’s end. While this article focuses on Oppositional Defiant Disorder specifically, the content is relevant to any family who is seeking to gain a deeper understanding into the myriad of dynamics that impact a child (and even young adult’s) behavior.”


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