Is Your Anxiety Affecting Who You Are For Those You Love?

By Dr. Nicole Cain ND, MA

Do you have worries that prevent you from dating or pursuing relationships?

Do you experience increased anxiety around social gatherings?

Do you rely heavily on your partner, friends, or family members to reassure you or calm anxious thoughts?

Do you avoid serious conversations with people because you are afraid of conflict?

Do you constantly fear that people are going to leave you?

Do you experience anxiety when you are alone?

Do you find yourself thinking of worst-case scenarios when it comes to relationships that are currently involved in?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then anxiety may be negatively affecting your relationships and your ability to be who you truly are in a relationship. In this video, I will give you a roadmap on how to start confronting your anxiety so that it no longer affects your happiness and relationships.

  • Anxiety is a terrible adversary. Anxiety can steal your joy, weaken your relationships, cause you to behave in ways that are not in line with your true self, silence your true voice, cause you to panic, and start to break down trust and connection in relationships that you really care about. It is bad enough to suffer from anxiety when no one else knows about it. But when anxiety starts messing with your ability to maintain or create new relationships, it is time to take action
  • You might be comforted to know that I have helped thousands of people overcome anxiety and learn to cultivate the type of relationships they want to have. Over my career, I have compiled hundreds of pages of research on mind/body interventions, medications, herbal and natural remedies, experimental treatments and more. I have learned what works and what doesn’t, so you don’t have to.

You crushing your anxiety with this information is my passion.

Dr. nicole Cain
I’m Dr. Nicole Cain. I’m an anxiety expert and an integrative mental health consultant. I have helped thousands of people get their lives back and I can help you. I have worked with individuals and families all over the United States and experts from around the world and have developed powerful integrative strategies that literally change the way my clients think and feel.

I am passionate about helping people overcome anxiety and so now I am sharing these life changing strategies with you. If anxiety is messing with your relationships and stealing your ability to be yourself, then stay tuned as I share valuable tips on how to take your life back from anxiety.

Remember, that relationships take work.
Even if you are suffering from anxiety, the issues in a relationship are not all your fault.
It takes two people who are being honest with each other and working on their own self-development to maintain a healthy relationship. However, if you recognize that anxiety is affecting your relationships, it is time to take action.

  • One of the most diabolical things anxiety can do when it comes to your relationships is silence your “true voice” or disconnect you from how you are actually feeling about a relationship. This can lead to a number of problems, including causing you to avoid speaking your truth in a relationship (whether this is to tell someone how much you care about them or if it is to set important boundaries), it can cause you to feel disconnected from a loved one because you feel disconnected from yourself. And worse yet, Anxiety can cause you to constantly worry about what will happen in a certain relationship, which can negatively affect your emotional and physical well-being, so much so, that at some point, you may overreact—causing major unnecessary strife in your relationship.
  • At times, it can feel that anxiety has taken over and you may not even know what you are feeling at all. One place to start is by taking out a piece of paper and writing down every thought in your mind until you become exhausted. Many of these thoughts may be anxious worries and many of them may seem contradictory or confusing. That is ok. This is the first step at getting in touch with how you truly feel and what you truly think—which is being hidden underneath the symptoms of worry. Once you have a full paper, next work on crossing off words or sentences that you believe are driven by anxiety. Then work on circling words or phrases that you believe align with your true self at this time. If you have a trusted friend or therapist, ask them to listen to you while you read some of the words or sentences that you have written—making sure to discern between “anxious thoughts” and “what I truly feel.”
  • Once you are confident that you are starting to reconnect with yourself, it is time to begin rebuilding connection and trust in a relationship that is important to you.
  • It is pivotal that you ask permission of your loved one to express how you feel:
    • 1. Because they will be ready to listen, and
    • 2. Because you won’t be catching them “off guard.”
    • Next, it is time to confront your anxiety and cease avoiding it.
  • Remember, avoidance is a symptom of anxiety. By speaking your truth in a relationship and telling the other person what you truly feel, you are freeing yourself to be in the present moment and truly engaging in a relationship. Anxiety loves to make us feel that we must constantly fret about “what might happen”—all the while, it keeps us from experiencing what is truly happening. No matter the outcome of your conversation with an important person in your life, you have taken an important first step in confronting your anxiety while being honest and bold in a relationship. Honesty and straightforward talk can engender trust and connection. And in a relationship with another healthy individual, this can lead to a long-term and healthy bond.

If the activity I just suggested to you sounds scary, you are not alone. Anxiety can make a simple conversation with someone you care about appear terrifying and feel exhausting. For some of you, you may think that this exercise is too much and that you need much more support and tools before you can begin the process of confronting your anxiety in your relationships. We all have to begin somewhere. And if you are ready to stop anxiety from messing up your relationships and ruining your life, then you are in the right place.

I have developed hundreds of tools for people in video, audio, and written formats that I want to share with you. If you want a more in-depth approach to defeating anxiety and feeling like yourself again, check out the Free Anxiety Freedom Master Class.

Anxiety should not be a life sentence. True mental health is a lifestyle that you can learn to live. Confronting anxiety in your life is the first step to finding the relationship you want and growing closer to the people currently in your life.
I became a doctor to help people achieve physical and mental freedom from their symptoms.

Now as an anxiety expert and integrative mental health consultant, my aim is to help as many people as possible get rid of the anxiety that is sabotaging their lives and relationships so that they can achieve true freedom. Are you ready to join me on this journey? If so, head over to the Free Anxiety Freedom Master Class. Let’s do this together!

Here’s to your next chapter.

-Dr. Nicole Cain, ND MA

P.S. Do you want more? Check out the Anxiety Freedom Facebook Group–because community is pivotal, and my team and I are in the group along with a group of warriors working kicking anxiety to the curb together. Together – we got this. If you haven’t already, check out the 7 Day Anxiety Freedom Challenge.


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