Dr. Nicole Cain ND MA Contributes Two Chapters to a New Book

By Dr. Nicole Cain ND, MA
Jun 29, 2018
10:48 pm
The book has been published by The Natural Path and contains 92 pages of helpful information, case studies, and research about suicide prevention and recovery from depression. The e-book titled called “A Way Through.”
You can download the book for FREE, by following this link: https://ndnews.lpages.co/depression-guide/
Dr. Nicole Cain ND MA wrote the opening chapter entitled “Suicide Screening Guidelines for Naturopathic Physicians.”
Another article by Dr. Nicole Cain ND MA is included later in the book entitled “TAKING ANTIDEPRESSANTS? TOP 3 MUST HAVE NUTRIENTS.”
Dr. Cain is honored to included in this new e-book by The Natural Path (http://naturalpath.net/).

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