Five Signs You’re Dating a Narcissist

By Dr. Nicole Cain ND, MA
Mar 03, 2020
4:49 pm

You may be dating a narcissist if your partner shows any of these five signs.

Lacking empathy: The relationship feels one-sided. They lack empathy for you and your suffering but can complain about their struggles at length. A key sign that someone has narcissism is that they are absorbed in their own world.

Can do no wrong: You are always the guilty party in conflicts and your partner truly believes they have done no wrong. A narcissist will have a grandiose sense of self and believes they are the best, they can do no wrong and they have made no mistakes.

People are a means of getting ahead: A narcissist will use people in their lives to get ahead in life.  Do you feel like you’re used for your connections? Do relationships revolve around getting the narcissist’s needs and wants met?

Needing admiration: Your role in the narcissist’s life is to meet their needs and one of those needs is to be admired, seen as superior, smarter, more capable, and they need that reflected back to them. A narcissist will often suffer if he or she feels deprived or neglected in this arena and may abandon relationships to find new ones that will offer them more praise.

Narcissistic injury is real: The narcissistic personality type is intolerant of constructive feedback. This goes against the entire life scaffold set up by the person and they will become incredibly angry and upset and sometimes either terminate the relationship or badger you until you give up and take their side.

Regardless of if you are dating a narcissist who fulfills all of these criteria, it sounds like your needs are not getting met. You deserve a relationship filled with empathy, where your partner is humble and acknowledges their mistakes, who do not treat people like objects, who admires you and lifts you up and who is able to take feedback and grow. You deserve a partner who is committed to making you happy.

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