Dr. Cain is a natural mental health specialist in Scottsdale Arizona

She is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, and has a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Counseling. She is one of the few physicians in the country that specializes in the integrative treatment of mental health and is among the most highly trained classical homeopathic doctors in the country.

She completed a medical residency in internal medicine and is also a general family practice doctor. She has advanced training due to her background in clinical psychology, with a particular focus in trauma, depression, and anxiety.

Dr. Cain has extensive training in the use of naturopathic and conventional therapies to help her patients achieve profound healing and long lasting health.

Why choose Dr. Cain?

  1. She is the only physician in the United States with a masters in Clinical Psychology, and a Naturopathic Medical degree, who is focusing on homeopathic approaches to psychiatric illness.

  2. She will spend time getting to know you, understand you as an individual, and design a treatment plan that is specially tailored to your needs.

  3. Dr. Cain works to help you overcome your illness. In many cases she is able to help her patients not only feel more like themselves, but to also achieve remission of their mental health and physical illnesses.

  4. With an integrative approach to mental health and family practice, Dr. Cain is able to offer you the best of what conventional and naturopathic medicine has to offer.

  5. Dr. Cain has extensive experience managing mental health issues, including medication management, and prescribing.

Dr. Cain works in a team to provide holistic mental health care. Click Here to learn more about Our Doctors.

Patient Testimonial - read more

“I have been seeing Dr. Cain for four months for depression, bipolar disorder, and an eating disorder. In just a few months into treatment I have seen my overall mood become much more stable and much more positive. Dr. Cain is the most kind and caring doctor I have ever had- and I have seen psychiatrists since age 14. I would highly recommend Dr. Cain to a friend or anyone I know.” Patient KM